Gas cooler exterior washing systems

Due to contamination of the exterior surfaces of tube banks continuous operation of air-cooled gas coolers causes a reduction of efficiency, leads to higher power requirements for the fans and increased fuel consumption.

With its proprietary technology and dedicated equipment, Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. offers an integrated solution for the exterior cleaning of air-cooled gas coolers, allowing cooling efficiency to be increased by 7-10% and fuel consumption to be reduced.


The exterior washing system is designed to remove contaminants from the external tube surfaces and intertube space of the heat exchange sections of a gas cooler by flushing the tube surfaces consecutively with cleaner and water.

The exterior washing system consists of:

  • UNP-unit for the preparation and supply of the cleaner and water
  • movable or stationary injection system with nozzles for direct application of the cleaning compound to the tube surfaces
  • effluent collection system.

AVOTECT AC-100 cleaner is a water-based cleaning compound with high cleaning efficiency. It is biodegradable and does not harm gas cooler materials.

Movable injection system. Application of the cleaner to the gas cooler surface.

Movable injection system. Flushing of the gas cooler with water after cleaner application.

Stationary injection system. Flushing with water.

Effluent collection.

Exterior washing unit (UNP01.2) for the preparation and supply of cleaner and water



Main technical characteristics of TPM units

Parameter Unit Value
Length mm 3600
Width mm 1320
Height mm 1940
Empty weight kg 950
Tank volume l 1250
Pump capacity l/min up to 340
Power supply - 380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Maximum power requirement kW 19

Delivery and installation of the equipment as well as personnel training (upon request) by Turbotect St.Petersburg

Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. has manufactured and supplied over 100 headers and 30 gas cooler exterior washing units.