Electrostatic oil cleaner

The operation of various machines and systems such as gas turbines, radial blowers, etc. causes the contamination of oil in the oil supply systems through mechanical wear particles and foreign substances, particularly water.


The electrostatic oil cleaner OME01-03 is designed to clean non-conductive fluids such as technical oils used within control, lubrication and sealing systems of turbines and similar equipment. Its use can also be extended to maintain oil in oil facilities of the gas transportation and energy industries.


The oil cleaner consists of a coalescence pre-treatment module, a sorption-type dehydration module, an electrostatic cleaning module, a control panel, piping with shut-off valves and an electric pump. All equipment is placed in a leak-tight pan and mounted on a movable skid. The unit is equipped with level transmitters, water content detectors, and electric drive shut-off valves for automated operation.

Oil cleaner OME01-03

Oil cleaner OME01-03

Main technical characteristics of OME01-03

Parameter Unit Value
Length mm not more than 1600
Width mm not more than 800
Height mm not more than 1500
Unit weight kg not more than 400
Oil temperature °С 10-70
Oil viscosity cSt 1-100
Capacity l/h 500
Purity class according to
ГОСТ 17216; NAS 1638; ISO 4406
- 6; 3; -/11/9
Water content % not more than 0.001
Biological contamination % not more than 0.001
Power supply - 380 V, 3 phase, 50 Hz
Maximum power requirement kW 1.5


  • Mobility, compact size
  • Possibility of strapping
  • Low energy consumption
  • Alarm system and main parameter monitoring
  • Option to operate the cleaner in stand-alone mode (connection to and disconnection from the oil supply system during turbine/machine operation)
  • Components in contact with oil made of stainless steel, oil- and petrol-resistant rubber
  • Quick-release leakage-free couplings for fast connection and disconnection of hoses
  • Different dielectric fluids cleaning
  • Oil ageing slowdown

– Residues of oil cleaning consisting of mechanical impurities (size over 5 µm) and dissolved water in the coalescence pre-treatment module

- Result of cleaning oil of non-conductive impurities (corundum)

- Result of cleaning oil of conductive impurities (carbon)