Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. is focused on the development, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance, including explosion-proof design, of washing systems for gas turbine axial compressors and cleaning systems for other types of equipment, oil-filling and other service units for compressor and power stations, electrostatic oil cleaners; manufacturing of washing detergents for gas turbine axial compressors and other equipment.

The Company cooperates with Gazprom, power generation and oil industry companies, gas turbine manufacturers.

The Company’s strategic line of development is to take the lead in the Russian market in all product quality parameters and to meet its customers’ requirements and expectations through a continuous technological innovation, expansion of its product range, development of the potential of each employee and the whole Company.

The key points of the Company’s Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy are:

  • Implementation and continuous improvement of the quality management system compliant with the principles and requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO/IEC 80079-34:2018 and Gazprom standard 9001-2018, environmental management system compliant with ISO 14001:2015, occupational health and safety management system compliant with ISO 45001:2018;
  • Compliance with the current statutory and other applicable requirements for quality, environmental protection and environmental management, employees’ labour safety and health protection;
  • Increasing of the technical level and competitiveness of the Company’s products through improvements in the development, manufacturing and management processes;
  • Continuous improvement of technological processes for the purpose of establishing maintaining a strong workplace culture, sustainable use of resources and minimization of negative environmental impacts;
  • Product quality control at all production stages including non—destructive inspection methods;
  • Engagement of employees at all levels through guidance and direct involvement in the activities aimed at ensuring efficiency of the management system, product quality improvement, reduction of the environmental impact from the production, prevention of hazards and mitigation of health and safety risks;
  • Continuous professional development of the employees;
  • Establishment of a mutually beneficial and long-term partnership with the stakeholders: suppliers and clients, employees and society;
  • Compliance with Gazprom corporate requirements when providing services to Gazprom and its subsidiaries;
  • Managerial leadership at all levels through a personal involvement of the Company’s executives in the quality, safety and environmental management, the definition of areas for improvement, internal personnel information system, efficient allocation of resources, risk-oriented thinking, process performance control and assessment system.

The top management of Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. undertakes the responsibility for the implementation of the Policy declared, product quality, efficiency of the integrated management system, establishment of healthy and safe labour conditions for its employees, provision of financial, material, human and technical resources to achieve the Targets of the integrated management system.