Analytical Department

Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. has developed a unique proprietary approach for CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) modelling of the washing process of gas turbine axial compressors. This method is essential for the development of systems ensuring highly efficient cleaning of air inlet ducts of gas turbine axial compressors, both in the offline and online modes.


CFD modelling is also applied for designing electrostatic oil cleaners, interior and exterior washing systems for air-cooled heat exchangers, oil-filling units, etc.

CFD modelling consists of:

  • Goal setting, task description and collection of required data
  • Development of a 3D geometric and grid model
  • Definition of the number and type of spraying nozzles, their respective location and orientation and working fluid pressure
  • CFD calculation
  • Result analysis based recommendations for optimal quantity and type of nozzles, their location and orientation and pressure of the fluid in the cleaning system.

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The proprietary calculation method has gone through a long process of iterations and verifications by means of numerous trials performed at our testing facility, partnering R&D institutions as well as customers' sites.