Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd

Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Saint Petersburg as a fully integrated company with in-house analytical, design, engineering, manufacturing and service departments. Turbotect Saint-Petersburg provides solutions to enable its clients to meet the increasingly demanding environmental regulations and maintain the efficiency and productivity of their power plants as close as possible to the nominal values.

Turbotect St. Petersburg is focused on the development and manufacturing of washing systems for gas turbine axial compressors and gas coolers, washing detergents and antifreeze agents, electrostatic oil cleaners, oil-filling and oil-collecting units for compressors and power stations.

Relying on its flexible organizational structure, Turbotect Saint-Petersburg offers customized solutions for the needs and requirements of its customers. Installation and maintenance services are available upon request and regular field visits by its engineers ensure continuous improvement and development of the company's products based on the needs of its customers.

Turbotect St. Petersburg guarantees the supply of spare parts and consumables over the entire lifetime of its products.

For more than 15 years Turbotect St. Petersburg has been successfully cooperating with Gazprom, different gas turbine manufacturers, power generation companies and oil industry enterprises delivering around 100 washing and cleaning systems per year.

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