Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy

The Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Policy is aimed to ensure conformity of the product quality to all applicable, relevant requirements, to promote the company's products in the marketplace, to improve relations with its customers and suppliers, to reduce its environmental footprint, as well as to implement, maintain and enhance labour safety, health protection and working conditions for its employees.

Turbotect St. Petersburg is focused on the development and manufacturing of washing systems for gas turbine axial compressors and gas coolers, washing detergents and antifreeze agents, electrostatic oil cleaners, oil-filling and oil-collecting units for compressors and power stations and customized equipment for the gas transportation and the power industry.

Turbotect St. Petersburg aims to maintain its leading position by the timely delivery of high quality products that fully meet the requirements and expectations of its customers.

The quality and competitiveness of the company's products is ensured by an efficient, approach based management system complying with the standards and requirements of ISO 9001:2008. The company's management team regularly monitors and improves the quality of the management system according to ISO 9000 and 14000 international standards, OHSAS 18000 and other applicable regulations. The examination procedures at the non-destructive testing laboratory takes into account the specific requirements and needs of the customers. High-quality resource management and continuous improvement of technological processes ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the production cycle. The quality of the products and the efficient use of resources is ensured and lived through an appropriate understanding of all employees. The company's management is fully aware that its manufacturing processes have an impact on the environment. It is firmly committed to operate the company in such a way that its engineering and production approaches are socially responsible and conform to all applicable environmental, labour safety and health protection requirements.

All employees are committed to minimise the ecological footprint by observing the following rules:

  1. Comply with statutory and other applicable requirements for environmental protection and natural resource management, as well as ISO 14001:2004 requirements;
  2. Carry out systematic assessment of their activities in order to minimize negative environmental impacts;
  3. Ensure continuous improvement of the company's environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 requirements;
  4. Notify the management of any potential environmental impact from the manufacturing processes.

Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. undertakes to carry out its operations in such a way as to prevent any damage to the health of its employees by:

  • Complying with statutory and other applicable requirements for employees' labour safety and health protection, as well as OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements;
  • Ensuring labour safety and health protection for all its personnel and persons admitted to the company's manufacturing facilities by taking all necessary measures to prevent injury and health impairment;
  • Performing systematic monitoring, hazard identification and assessment of risks for the health of its personnel of the personnel's professional activity and health;
  • Enforcing management decisions to mitigate or eliminate identified risks;
  • Performing special assessments of labour conditions for all personnel in due time;
  • Ensuring continuous improvement of the safety and health management systems in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007 requirements;
  • Informing the personnel and persons admitted to the company's manufacturing facilities about identified hazards, risks associated with their professional activity.

The management firmly believes that highly-skilled, team oriented employees are the most valuable asset of the company.

The company's management team is eager to develop the professional skills and knowledge of its employees. Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd. seeks to motivate its employees to high-quality performance. The management of Turbotect Saint-Petersburg Ltd.is committed to the principles of quality, health, safety and environment management.